“Laughter is the shortest way between two people”

Welcome to Cirkompacto’s website. We are a performing arts company that creates its own shows and characters. We love Clown, slapstick and physical and gestual humor but… we don’t stop there. We develop techniques such as duo de portés, acrobatics and eccentric dance.

We do what is called “New Circus”. What we like most is to participate in Street Theater Festivals but, with the techniques we master and our knowledge of characterization, we customize all kinds of events such as parties, fairs, dinners, etc.

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Evil can be terrible fun!


About Us

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“Brave is one who seeks his own happiness and that of others”

Abel Perez Rojas

Why do we do what we do?

At Cirkompacto we are dedicated to the Performing Arts by vocation; because we believe that culture and education are the only useful tools to forge a better society and a better future.

We are professionals in constant training because we are excited about what we do and we want to do it well. We are adults who are critical of our work, because… being a clown is a very serious thing!

The illusion is our engine and that is what we want to pass on to our audience.

Festival Internacional Clownbaret Tenerife 2020


Our mission is clear: To save human beings and the world from the tyranny imposed by the constant complaint, uneasiness and negativity prevailing in the Social Networks and the new forms of communication.

We will reclaim the public space as a place for meeting and socializing so that people can laugh together!


Honestly: on this point we both falter. We are short-sighted, but we make up for it with contact lenses.

However, we must not forget that glasses are usually the most comfortable option in private, but on stage, as we do acrobatics, they are quite uncomfortable.


Our stocks are currently trading with high revaluations during the year. On the other hand, and given the usual constraints, the changes are not going unnoticed on the trading floor.

In spite of this, analysts from various brokers are optimistic about the future and are recommending investors to buy them.

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