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Founded in 2018, Cirkompacto is the creative union of Ivan Casanova and Malala Ricoy. A recently created company that, born under the premise of the importance that circus and performing arts can have and have had in social education, aims to load all their shows with content. Together they have been trained, so far, in the clown pedagogy of Michel Dallaire, in the Hangar Manicomico, with courses with teachers such as Christine Roussignol, Manu Sembely or Carlos Sante and Marta Iglesias. They have been trained in floor acrobatics, duo de portes, handstands and different circus techniques in centers such as the Escola de Ximnasia de la UDC, in Circo 9, the Centro de Artes Acrobáticas de Fedriani and in seminars with different teachers. They are currently studying Movement Theater and handstands at the Laboratorio Escénico Coop.

In a constant training process, they not only invest their time in learning and improving circus or theatrical techniques, but also cover different branches of the entertainment industry such as set design, audiovisual creation, event production and, recently, web design.

The confinement of 2020 caught them finalizing their first creation of a full-length show: “Hell Brothers“. This show premiered in the summer of 2020 with a dramaturgy adapted to the prevention measures decreed to stop the pandemic. Prior to this creation, they jointly developed The Bobbies, two very eccentric police characters who play various circus disciplines, with whom they have presented cabarets and circus variety shows. They also have a wide repertoire of characters to adapt to any type of event.

Together with the cultural association Manicomicos, they have been present in several Galas and Events in Coruña. In the summer of 2019 they travel to Morocco to carry out a collaboration acting with the Accion Geoda Foundation on the tenth anniversary of their collaborative development activities in the Tessaout Valley; acting for boys and girls from various villages in the valley. They like to collaborate with the associative movement and never miss a chance to collaborate: they have participated in various galas such as Pallasos en Rebeldia, Can Coruña show or the festival of Arts for Diversity Diversidarte 2019.

Yes, yes, but… who are we?

Malala Ricoy

Malala Ricoy was born in 1985 and has a degree in Audiovisual Communication. She received training in clown and Performing Arts with teachers such as Jöns Pappila, Nanny Cogorno, Pablo Pundik or Claudia Contín.

In 2010 she began her circus training in courses at the Escuela de Circo Carampa and EMCA, doing Aerial (trapeze and fabric), Eccentric Acrobatics, Pantomime, Juggling and a host of things that she never manages to master at all. In 2011 she founded Asociación La Pértiga, in which she performs in various cabarets, combining her work in organization/management with that of presenter or master of ceremonies.

Patty Diphusa is the company created and formed by Malala Ricoy to give free rein to her madness and to transmit to the world what is in her heart. With this company she currently has two shows: “SUPERHARTE”, a one-woman clown show and “Sexo Seguro, ¿Seguro? Seguro”, a multidisciplinary show that combines cabaret and monologue, more info: https://www.pattydiphusa.net/

Ivan Casanova

Ivan Casanova has been breathing in this world unceasingly since 1981. Having lived in several countries has made him a multidisciplinary person. Before the Performing Arts, his last job was in the social branch, which he reached after working in metal and other professions. He has been the coordinator of the Anti Aids Committee of A Coruña for more than 8 years having done street work with the most disadvantaged people in the community. Perfectly aware of the reality and tired of the welfarism with which today’s society tends to treat these profiles, he decided, at the end of 2018, to leave his job to devote himself fully to the performing arts; convinced of the potential that this profession can have as a tool for the sake of creating a more just society through education.

Thanks to the constant practice of sports throughout his life, mountaineering and contact sports, he has the necessary physical abilities to develop the new techniques in which he is training with his partner.

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