Los Bobbies encuentran una pista


The elite among the best-trained commandos of the world’s most powerful Armed Forces, the cream of the crop of special operations, have nothing to do with these two endearing characters: The BOBBIES.

Sick and tired of seeing hippies and long-haired people at cultural shows? Don’t worry! This pair of agents will burst in to establish order.


The Lieutenant is an idiot, but he doesn’t know it. He thinks he’s an old-fashioned agent, a real-life Clint Eastwood. But in reality he’s pretty lazy and a bit of a scaredy-cat. What he does have is a good nose for crime; he detects wrongdoers even where there are none. Although he tries to hide it, he has a big heart and is always very concerned about his partner. 



Yes, yes: The Corporal. The Lieutenant can’t get it through his head that there are women in the corps and never refers to her in the feminine. She’s a sweetheart; delicate, caring, smart, funny… it’s impossible not to like her. But she also has her own ups and downs: she is very absent-minded and is always teasing the Lieutenant to make fun of him.


This funny comic couple has been created for the presentation of Circus galas and shows, but it also has a number of acrobatic and slapstick acts of 10-15 minutes of duration. It’s a safe bet: a classic clown duo with acrobatics and slapstick in between.

They enter the stage bursting into the event, simulating a police intervention that immerses the audience and engages them, making them participants from the very first moment.

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